Garage Weather Stripping: What is it and How is it Done?

Garage Door In The Winter

Our eager technicians at Carmichael Garage Door in the Sacramento and Carmichael metro area are committed to enhancing the security of your garage. This is crucial as the garage is the initial barrier between your family and potential intruders.

The best way to do that is by installing a garage door weather stripping or a garage door weather seal. You will feel safer, warmer, and save on electricity. 

What is Garage Door Weatherstripping?

Garage Door Weatherstripping

Envision a garage door seal meticulously positioned on both sides and at the garage door threshold of your garage entrance. This sealing ensures complete protection from external weather conditions, providing an enhanced experience by maintaining the perfect temperature inside your garage. In Sacramento and Carmichael, California, our adept technicians can efficiently install two distinct types of garage door seals. The first is the bottom-of-the-door weather stripping, and the second is the garage door side seal. These seals, equipped with rubber door seals, collectively create an impregnable shield, transforming your garage into a secure haven. This is a standard garage door repair since the weather stripping can get worn over time. We offer this garage door service year-round. 

What Does Weather Stripping Prevent?

Pests in your home due to not weatherstripping

You could think, "I'm aware of weather stripping, but why is it important? What does it safeguard against?" At Carmichael Garage Door, we want to highlight that weatherstripping is a vital enhancement for your garage door and home, actively preventing potential issues.

1. Pests 

When a technician comes to your home, they seal the sides of your garage door and put in a bottom door seal underneath the garage threshold, which will prevent pests from entering your garage floor and into your home. Widespread pests in these areas are cockroaches, ants, and rodents. Without weatherstripping, these pests can sneak in through the crevices and cracks underneath the garage. Of course, we do not want that; therefore, weatherstripping is essential to keeping those pests out of your garage and home, especially since pests like rodents and cockroaches carry diseases and can affect your child or pet. Our professional technicians will swiftly and precisely install the garage door bottom seal and side seals. 

2. Temperature Regulation

Weatherstripping provides the added benefit of maintaining a comfortable temperature within your garage. By sealing gaps around the garage door, both at the bottom and exterior, it helps retain either cool or warm air as needed. During winter, the heat from your home is kept within the garage, ensuring warmth, while in summer, cooler air is retained, preventing the garage from becoming excessively hot. This feature is particularly advantageous as it eliminates the discomfort of stepping out of your car into extreme temperatures.

3. Energy Efficiency

In addition to temperature control, weatherstripping contributes to significant energy savings. Without proper weather sealing, external elements can easily penetrate the garage, causing temperature fluctuations that are detected by your home's thermostat. Consequently, your HVAC system works harder to compensate for these fluctuations, leading to increased energy consumption. Installing weatherstripping on your garage door effectively prevents such fluctuations, resulting in noticeable reductions in your electricity bill. With the substantial energy savings it offers, weatherstripping becomes an essential investment for any homeowner.

How is Weatherstripping Installed?

How to Install Weatherstripping

Adding weatherstripping to your garage door involves sliding a rubber seal matching the length of the garage door's bottom onto the door itself for a snug fit, with the exterior vinyl trim then attached to the side. Our technicians can efficiently complete this job within a single visit with our fully stocked trucks. So, if you need weatherstripping, contact us here to schedule an appointment.

There you have it! Weatherstripping is a valuable asset for your home, presenting several benefits, including potential savings on your electricity bill. Who wouldn't appreciate a pest-free, comfortable garage all year long? So, the next time you're puzzled by your garage feeling too cold in winter or too hot in summer, consider weatherstripping as the key to your concerns. If you're in the Sacramento and Carmichael, California, area, call Carmichael Garage Door for assistance. We're available seven days a week including weekends and most major holidays, striving to provide the best customer service experience for all residential garage users.

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