How to Keep Your Valuables Safe This Winter

Broken Garage

Your garage emerges as a potential weak spot for safeguarding valuables. The garage door, which acts as an accessible entry point for burglars, poses a significant threat, mainly when manually operated. A broken garage door opener increases the likelihood of forgetting to secure the door. Nevertheless, the generous space within the garage offers an optimal solution for protecting valuables, like jewelry, important documents, a spare key, cash, and a credit card or two with a safe deposit box and maintaining a tidy living environment.

As winter and the freezing temperatures loom and the festive season draws near, the increased presence of thieves during this period, capitalizing on heightened consumer spending, is a concern. Fortifying your garage door for the winter is essential to safeguard your home valuables, which may encompass gifts stored in the garage. Thankfully, there are practical measures you can take to ensure the security of your possessions.

6 Ways to Keep Your Valuables Safe in Your Garage

Garage Door in Northern California
  1. MyQ App 

Our LiftMaster and Chamberlain motors ensure increased security for your winter garage valuables, coupled with the MyQ App. This app facilitates effortless control over your garage door, allowing immediate closure at the touch of a button for added peace of mind. Take advantage of the timer feature, which automatically closes the garage after a set period or based on your programmed schedule. Furthermore, the Chamberlain motor incorporates video surveillance, providing an extra layer of security that can serve as your home security system or security camera by keeping watch for any unwelcome individuals or animals. 

  1. Maintain Your Garage Door

To safeguard your valuable items, maintaining your garage door is crucial. Regular upkeep involves lubricating the rollers, checking the springs for potential replacements, and ensuring the garage door opener operates smoothly. This can help keep your valuables safe because when your garage door works correctly, you know it can securely shut and open without a problem, and you do not have to worry about anything getting in. The MyQ app will keep you up to date on maintenance needed for your garage door, and we also offer a service called Lube and Tune. Our technicians will come out and lube and tune all the working parts of your garage door so you know it is working right.  

  1. Keep the Garage Remote in the House

Many people will come home from work, open their garage door inside their vehicle, and then leave the remote in the car. The problem with this is that if a burglar could get in your garage, they would most likely be able to get in your vehicle, and now they have the garage door opener and can come back and open it at any time. Therefore, you want to ensure that when you come home, you take the garage door opener with you into the house since you will most likely lock your garage door before going to bed. 

  1. Think Like a Thief

Adopt a thief's perspective to safeguard your valuables this winter. Ask yourself, "How would a potential intruder view my property?" Thoroughly examine the surroundings of your garage door, searching for any potential weak points that could be exploited or where suspicious activity could occur. Whether it's identifying flaws in the garage door or securing access points like doors and windows, taking proactive measures is essential. If you encounter any issues, contact us, and our technicians will promptly address and resolve the problem.

Here are four ways to safeguard your valuables in the garage throughout winter. We hope these valuable tips and tricks act as a deterrent against potential thieves targeting your garage door. If you encounter any garage door maintenance or repair challenges, our team is at your service seven days a week, with flexible hours. Wishing you a delightful holiday season filled with safety and joy!

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