How to Protect Your Garage Door in the Winter (Top 5)

Garage Doors In The Wintertime

As winter approaches, safeguarding your garage door becomes paramount, necessitating a combination of DIY measures and professional assistance to ensure its resilience against the harsh elements. While simple tasks like weatherstripping can be tackled independently, seeking the expertise of a technician, such as those at Carmichael Garage Door, is advised for more complex endeavors to guarantee safety and security throughout the season.

Can You Add Protection to Your Garage Door in the Winter?

West Coast Garage In The Winter

1. Weatherstripping

Protect your garage from pests, cold drafts, and potential intruders by installing weatherstripping. Our technicians will attach a garage door seal along the bottom and sides, transforming your garage door into an insulated barrier in just thirty minutes. This essential measure not only maintains warmth but also blocks pests and cold air infiltration, securing your garage against external threats.

2.  Lube and Tune

Our comprehensive 26-point inspection process is to make sure that your garage door receives the care it deserves. Before leaving your property, our technicians meticulously lubricate all moving parts to enhance functionality and safety, particularly crucial during the cold winter months. Proper maintenance is key to a smoothly operating garage door, and our team is here to provide assistance whenever you need it.

 3. Insulation

 By insulating your garage door, you create a barrier against the cold, helping to regulate temperatures inside the garage and reduce heat loss, resulting in a more comfortable environment, lower energy costs, and better protection for your possessions.

4. MyQ App

Manage your garage door effortlessly with the MyQ App, offering automatic door closures, video surveillance, and more. Available with our garage door openers, this convenient tool enhances security and convenience, allowing you to monitor and control your garage door from anywhere.

5. Timely Repairs

Address garage door issues promptly, whether it's a malfunctioning spring or the need for a new door, to avoid breakdowns and increased energy costs. Schedule a same-day service with our technicians at Carmichael Garage Door to keep your garage functional and your family warm throughout the winter.

How Important are Technicians?

Technician Working On Garage Door

Many people are pressed for time during the winter and try to do many of the repairs on their garage door themselves. Doing one thing wrong could cause future problems and the time you thought you saved becomes time wasted. Our Carmichael Garage Door technicians ensure safety for you and your family. We make sure to do the job right the first time, which is worth more than any time saved. 

Trust our expertise for a hassle-free experience. For all your garage needs, contact us, open seven days a week right here at Carmichael Garage Door to make this winter the safest winter you have had yet regarding your garage door. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact our offices.

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